Your self, their shoes

Put yourself in their shoes. See what others see from their perspective. Great advice but how often is it practiced? I have definitely done this the last few months in regards to my real estate clients. I sold my home and purchased our (hopefully) forever home with my soon-to-be husband.  Even though these were not my first personal buy/sell transactions, they were more taxing on me than in the past. Selling on (what I believe to be) the downhill slope of an insane market should have been a breeze. But when our home did not sell after the first weekend, I had to take a step back. What did I do wrong? I know I priced it correctly. Was it staged incorrectly? I spent days cleaning up and clearing out. Who wouldn’t love my house? I know it is the best on the block. All things my clients have asked and all things I had answers for. But now it was myself asking and having to answer the questions.

Ultimately, the home sold in 3 weekends to a lovely couple that I know will enjoy the home as much as we did. Inspection, appraisal and closing went as smoothly as they come. But that does not mean it was a breeze in my head. However, as I typically try to do, I turned this experience into a positive one. I now have more patience and understanding when my sellers are freaking out when the buyers do not provide feedback 5 minutes after viewing the house. I understand why people think their home is better than everyone else’s (even if it probably is not). And most of all, I can sit down with someone and have a good cry, when that is the only thing that will provide the much needed relief. Thank you life experiences, for making me a better REALTOR.

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Berners in Denver

You know, I’d never really noticed before, but the popularity of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Denver has really started to rise.  In our neighborhood, aside from our own goofy Berner mix, we’ve met another five just in the Ralston Creek area, and several at events around town.

Berners are awesome dogs (as long as you don’t mind vaccuuming, because MAN do they shed) and it’s great to see so many families enjoying their fluffy, loving nature.  While I don’t necessarily love getting dogs from breeders (there are SO many dogs at the pound and in shelters that need loving homes!) I am filled with joy every time we go to the dog park and meet another giant, fluffy mess that wants to run under my legs and have its rear scratched.

What do you think?  Are these the fluffiest, cutest dogs in the world, or what?


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Spring Has Sprung!

Isn’t it beautiful?


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New Video! Interview with Scott Spears, owner of Super Zoom Bang Bang in Arvada!

Check out our interview with Scott Spears, proud owner of Arvada’s COOLEST toy store, Super Zoom Bang Bang!  Scott is a super cool guy, and was so much fun to get to know.  Enjoy!


Super Zoom Bang Bang is located in Olde Town Arvada at the corner of Grandview Ave and Webster St.  Check them out here!

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Sushi Anyone?

MMmmm, sushi. One of my favorite foods ever. My love for sushi started in college and continues to grow today. One of my favorite places to eat sushi in the metro area is Namiko’s. I even had the pleasure to eat there last night (sorry, I forgot about pictures until I was in my car driving away). They have a great variety of specialty rolls and delicious sashimi and nigiri. Plus non-sushi dishes for those who don’t know good food when they see it, my fiance included. They have been on the Denver A-list 4 years in a row. Results for 2018 will be out starting 2018, hold your breath to see if they make it! And while you’re waiting, you should head over there and try it for yourself.

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April Blizzards Bring May… wait, What??

Colorado is one of the nation’s most beautiful, most breathtaking states — and more and more people are figuring this out, and moving to join us in our wonderful home state!  While it’s AWESOME that all of these people are here, helping our economy and infrastructure blossom, it can be a little jarring for a new resident from warmer climes to look outside one afternoon mid-April, and find a sudden spring blizzard raging.  So here’s a friendly word of advice, to residents old and new:

Wait.  Wait to start planting your spring flowers, wait to uncover your garden beds, wait to start your seeds.  In Colorado, you’ll have a later-than-average growing season for Fall plants, but this is balanced by the fact that we have to wait so long to plant in the spring.  Wait to put in new sod, to buy baby chicks — just wait!

Because the snow will definitely come!  It will come, and it’ll really be a heavy spring rain in disguise — the snow will be wet, and it will be heavy.  It will break branches, it will squash buds, it will freeze your lilacs that are even now just starting to think about flowering.

My grandmother has lived in Colorado for her entire life — all 71 years of it.  Her rule of thumb, and her MOTHER’S rule of thumb, has always been that in Colorado, you do not plant until after Mother’s Day.  In fact, it has long been a family tradition of ours to plant spring flowers as a Mother’s Day activity.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting impatiently for true Spring to arrive, here are a few things you can get a good start on:

  • Trimming your trees (always do this BEFORE they start to wake up for the year
  • Cutting back your rose bushes (see above)
  • Transplanting trees (always best to do before the real growing season — it’s less of a shock if they’re still hibernating)
  • Indoor spring cleaning!
  • Have your lawn aerated!
  • Lay new mulch (every other year depending on density)

What other tips do you Coloradans have for getting started on Spring activities without jumping the gun and putting your plans at risk?  Let us know!

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Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. (stands for Entertainment, in case you did not know) Cheese holds a special place in my heart. Yes, I went there as a kid but that is not why. I worked at “The Chuck” for all of my college years. I met a couple lifelong friends from there, got other friends jobs and even introduced two people who have now been married for years and have 2 wonderful children. To this day I dream about working there almost weekly. So when they closed the store close to my home, I was a bit devastated. I am sure they are going to relocate, the whole strip mall closed down, but to where?! I have tried looking on their website to no avail. But I did find out they are in 9 other countries. Does anyone know if there will be a new CEC in Arvada? And when?

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