Please Have Your Future Home Inspected

This rainy gray Monday has me thinking back to the day three months ago that the sky opened up and sent hail crashing down on our heads.  While Arvada wasn’t hit quite as hard as some of our neighbors in Lakewood and Golden, we got enough hail that some roofs took damage.  Of course, it is entirely up to homeowners whether or not they call their insurance adjuster to have their roof checked for damage.

But if you are considering making an offer on a home in Arvada in the coming weeks, please remember that while we weren’t like Lakewood, with skylights and windshields shattered on every block and the entire mall shut down completely, there could still be some damage to the roof.  If you are putting an offer on a home, and the roof is not brand new, it is important to have an inspector climb up on the roof and check its integrity.

In the past 3 months, I have had clients who were outbid on houses not because they were underqualified, not because they weren’t offering enough, but because the buyers they were bidding against were waiving their right to an inspection entirely.  Agents were counselling them to do this because it made their offer stronger in that it sends a message to sellers that you will not walk away from the sale of the home for any reason, which means that the house will not have to be relisted.  Clearly, those agents were right that the offer they were presenting would beat out the offers that my clients had presented.

But imagine for a moment, putting yourself in a situation where you are taking out a loan of over $300,000.  Offering large amounts of cash in case a house does not appraise at the value of the offer.  And then waiving your right to an inspection of the home you are buying.  Not having the roof checked for leaks, not having the walls inspected for water damage.  Imagine buying a home, completely ignorant of anything that could potentially be wrong with it.  An agent counselling this course of action is forgetting to put the best interests of his clients first.  What if it rains the week after closing on the house and suddenly there’s water everywhere in your new home?  The cost of replacing a roof is upwards of $10,000.  Are you a first time home buyer?  Did you empty your savings to make your dream of home ownership a reality?  How will you face this new cost?

Please be smart when buying your home.  If your agent is urging you to waive your right to an inspection, ask your agent how this is in your best interest.  Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are paying the price for ignorance.

Hail happens!  But let’s be smart and make sure we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from paying for it later,


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Arvada resident, Colorado Native, expert REALTOR, Hometown Heroes certified agent, active community member.
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