Arvada Historical Society

Last year, I made the pleasant discovery that Arvada has its very own Historical Society, with a small headquarters in Olde Town Arvada inside the McIlvoy House on Grandview. I stopped in, as my family has been in Arvada since 1920, to see what I could find. And lo and behold, one of the women working there had gone to high school with my great, great uncle! She recognized my family's name, and was kind enough to let me peruse the Historical Society archives in search of any information they might have on my family.

And boy did I luck out! In addition to a three page piece on my great grandmother and her 11 siblings, the Historical Society had photos of grandma's 25 year class reunion! This was a piece of family history that we hadn't even known existed, and here it was just waiting for me to find.

Since then, I've been back a few times, and at the end of this year I'll be joining the Historical Society myself as a member. Arvada's history is the history of my family, and I hope to be a part of helping maintain the archives and the services that this group has built.

In addition to the archives, the Historical Society hosts a number of events throughout the year, including walking tours of the Arvada Cemetery, a Victorian Lawn Party at the McIlvoy House, and meetings every month open to the general public.

Whether you're just visiting, or making Arvada your forever-home, make sure you check them out!


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Arvada resident, Colorado Native, expert REALTOR, Hometown Heroes certified agent, active community member.
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