School House Kitchen

One of the coolest places in Arvada to stop for dinner, in my humble opinion, is the School House Kitchen, in Olde Town. As might seem obvious, originally the building was Arvada's schoolhouse, constructed in 1882. Now, it is a swanky restaurant and bar in the more-and-more popular heart of Arvada.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of options, from sandwiches and burgers to steaks and pork loin. They offer a delicious brunch, with breakfast tacos and a french toast that I'm perhaps a little too fond of. And the school house theme continues through the menu, with 'Dunce Cap Meaty Scramble,' 'Nap Time Chicken and Waffle,' and 'Hall Pass Parfait.' Their chairs are old school house chairs, at least some, and sitting in them the first time caused an immediate flashback, and I suddenly felt like I was very young again, wondering what had happened to my homework between leaving home and arriving at school. Not a feeling I necessarily wanted to feel again, and not one I often associate with dinner, but surrounded by the various schoolhouse accoutrement it did lend to the atmosphere.

In what once was the library, now the main bar, is the main attraction for the Schoolhouse. The restaurant boasts a collection of over 1,100 different varieties and brands of whiskey, from everywhere from Scotland to China. One of the largest collections in the United States, tasting every kind would be a task that could entertain a whiskey enthusiast for years to come. The bookshelf practically bursts with bottles of every shape and size.

If you happen to be in Olde Town, make sure to check them out! Delicious food, and a little piece of Arvada's history, all rolled into one. It's a good time!


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