Volunteering For a Hospice

I have been volunteering for a hospice since earlier this year. I must say it is not what I thought it would be going in to it. I saw an add on Nextdoor looking for volunteers, was looking to get involved, so signed up for an interview. I was pleasantly surprised to learn more about Suncrest Hospice and exactly what a hospice is and does.

Spending time with someone who is in their last leg of life is so incredibly rewarding and humbling. Once a week I get to spend an hour with an elderly Arvadan who has such a beautiful soul. Due to patient confidentiality, I cannot give many details but lets just say that hour is the highlight of my week. I can feel myself growing personally, professionally and spiritually.

I felt that hospice was my calling due to personal circumstances. I have a 96 year old grandmother who I am fortunate enough to life close to and get to speak with and see on a regular basis. Many of her friends, BINGO buddies and neighbors often comment on how lucky she is to have such a loving and attentive family. This made me think about other elderly people who do not have this support and I wanted to pay it forward. Although this is not the case for all hospice patients, just having one more person, for one more hour in their day, can be a game changer. I highly suggest looking into hospice if you are looking for a way to give back. I hope there is another generous volunteer who will sit with me when I become old and feeble.


About Amy Wagner

Amy is an Arvada native and expert REALTOR. She is an active member of the community, and a member of The Arvada Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Arvada High School, followed by a degree from Colorado State University, Amy is now an active member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS, and a certified Hometown Heroes agent.
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