Social Media: Love It or Hate It?

Yes, I am a millennial. But I am not a fan of social media. Or maybe I should say forced  social media. Call me an old soul. Call me old fashioned. It is just not my thing. Not to say that I do not get caught up in Facebook from time to time, or love looking at Snapchat, but I would much rather spend my time doing something else.

Blogging is a brand new thing for me and I am really trying to enjoy doing it. What suggestions does everyone have for me to come up with topics and find ways to let it become a creative outlet? Is it the “practice makes perfect” mantra I should be telling myself? I wonder if I will eventually become a SocMed Socialite or stay a SocMed ShakeOff?


About Amy Wagner

Amy is an Arvada native and expert REALTOR. She is an active member of the community, and a member of The Arvada Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Arvada High School, followed by a degree from Colorado State University, Amy is now an active member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS, and a certified Hometown Heroes agent.
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