Sushi Anyone?

MMmmm, sushi. One of my favorite foods ever. My love for sushi started in college and continues to grow today. One of my favorite places to eat sushi in the metro area is Namiko’s. I even had the pleasure to eat there last night (sorry, I forgot about pictures until I was in my car driving away). They have a great variety of specialty rolls and delicious sashimi and nigiri. Plus non-sushi dishes for those who don’t know good food when they see it, my fiance included. They have been on the Denver A-list 4 years in a row. Results for 2018 will be out starting 2018, hold your breath to see if they make it! And while you’re waiting, you should head over there and try it for yourself.


About Amy Wagner

Amy is an Arvada native and expert REALTOR. She is an active member of the community, and a member of The Arvada Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Arvada High School, followed by a degree from Colorado State University, Amy is now an active member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS, and a certified Hometown Heroes agent.
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