Berners in Denver

You know, I’d never really noticed before, but the popularity of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Denver has really started to rise.  In our neighborhood, aside from our own goofy Berner mix, we’ve met another five just in the Ralston Creek area, and several at events around town.

Berners are awesome dogs (as long as you don’t mind vaccuuming, because MAN do they shed) and it’s great to see so many families enjoying their fluffy, loving nature.  While I don’t necessarily love getting dogs from breeders (there are SO many dogs at the pound and in shelters that need loving homes!) I am filled with joy every time we go to the dog park and meet another giant, fluffy mess that wants to run under my legs and have its rear scratched.

What do you think?  Are these the fluffiest, cutest dogs in the world, or what?



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Arvada resident, Colorado Native, expert REALTOR, Hometown Heroes certified agent, active community member.
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3 Responses to Berners in Denver

  1. Sadah says:

    This is nice.


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