Escape Room

I could not contain my excitement when I heard about real life escape rooms. My mom and I play the computer game versions and have an amazing time. Now we can actually do it in real life! However, sadly, I have known about them for probably two years now and have yet to go. There was one close to my home that recently shut down that got me thinking about these again. And then some good friends went to one and loved it. So, where is everyone going for their escape room experiences? What is the ideal number of people to have? And what is your top tip to help us succeed? I am making it my goal to complete one by the end of May. Stay tuned…

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Olde Town Arvada

I was born in Arvada and still live here. Although I did move away for college and a few years after, I have been here the majority of my life. And boy, has it changed! The newly popular Olde Town has emerged from a ghost town that no one wanted to visit when I was younger. The now booming streets are lined with restaurants and shops full of anything you can imagine. And there is always some thing going on! I love that my city has grown and become so desirable, however those same reasons make it tougher to live and buy houses here. Its a catch 22, however I do not see myself straying too far away.

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Operation Christmas Decoration Takedown

I love Christmas music. And Christmas decorations. And getting to spend time with family and friends. I basically love everything surrounding the holiday season…except taking down those decorations. First and foremost because I love the ambiance of the lights and all the joy my candy canes and miniature Santas bring me. But also because it is so much work. Seems like it takes substantially longer to take down than it does to put it up.

This year I was on it though! Or so I thought. I was determined to get it all done before leaving for our New Year’s plans. December 30th I have everything down, except the tree. And as I sit here today, January 19th, my Christmas tree is still standing. I look at it every day and tell myself “today is the day!” yet it does not happen. I even have it on two separate tasks lists. Everything else is getting done but yet the tree remains. Is today the day? Will the tree still be up for the next holiday season?

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Arvada Housing Stats

Here are a few stats, straight from Arvada’s City Managers mouth. Very interesting stuff!
73% of all Arvada households are owner occupied (remaining 27% are renters)

46,055 total households (includes single family, condos, townhomes and apartments)

$70,950 median income

$382,000 average home sales price

40.9 average age of Arvada residents

39.36 total square miles

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Social Media: Love It or Hate It?

Yes, I am a millennial. But I am not a fan of social media. Or maybe I should say forced  social media. Call me an old soul. Call me old fashioned. It is just not my thing. Not to say that I do not get caught up in Facebook from time to time, or love looking at Snapchat, but I would much rather spend my time doing something else.

Blogging is a brand new thing for me and I am really trying to enjoy doing it. What suggestions does everyone have for me to come up with topics and find ways to let it become a creative outlet? Is it the “practice makes perfect” mantra I should be telling myself? I wonder if I will eventually become a SocMed Socialite or stay a SocMed ShakeOff?

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I like to think I am a responsible pet owner. I take them yearly for their exams and shots. I took two of my dogs in today and it cost me over $450! I cannot believe how expensive it really is. Its worse than a person going to the doctor. And now they say one of my dogs needs her teeth cleaned. The quote for that was between $700-$1300!! I want to do everything I can to keep them healthy and live the longest but I am not sure I can justify a cleaning for that cost. And I need to do it every two years, which means between the two of them, I would be doing it yearly. Does this make me a bad dogmom? If I don’t take her, will I be shaving years off of her life? To top it all off, now she is not feeling well so I am worried about that. Needless to say, I will continue to spoil them until I can make that tooth-rific decision.

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Autumn is upon us!

Well, as of tomorrow, summer will have officially gone by the wayside, and autumn will have arrived in Arvada. The leaves haven't quite gotten the message yet, but I'd give it a week and we'll see yellow and orange lighting up our neighborhoods.

If you're looking for a wonderful way to experience Colorado in the fall, and you've got a little time to kill, why not take a drive up through the Maroon Bells this weekend and check out the aspens as they change colors? We all talk about doing it, we all tell our friends and family from out of state that it's something they can't miss if they're here in the fall. But how many of us take the opportunity to see our home state in all its glory when we have the chance?

And once you're home, it's time to start planning for October! The City of Arvada has its annual Festival of Scarecrows this year on October 7th, which is a great way to celebrate the chill in the air and the beauty of fall with all of our neighbors.

As Halloween approaches, we'll make sure to give shout outs to local pumpkin patches and costume shops, so you can plan your season appropriately. Until then, happy Fall!

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